Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they apply every time you earn Reward Points, redeem merchandise or travel rewards, or enjoy the benefits of the Carey Rewards Club program.

This policy was last updated 01-10-2020

The Carey Rewards Club is a loyalty program of Carey International, Inc. ("Carey") and is open to travel arrangers ages 18 and over.

Members must reside or have a mailing address within the United States or Canada, excluding the province of Ontario*, where the Carey Rewards Club program is not offered at this time. The Carey Rewards Club will not ship merchandise outside of the US and Canada.

Visit to enroll. New Carey Rewards Club Members will be required to create a login ID and password for Carey Connect before enrolling in the Carey Rewards Club.

Once enrolled, members will earn Carey Reward Points for every Carey Branded Service reservation booked through the and websites, or the Carey Mobile Application. Reward Points accumulate and may be redeemed for any reward listed in the Carey Rewards Club Catalog. Items listed in the Carey Rewards Club Catalog can be redeemed for as little as 2500 Reward Points.

Carey may make changes to the Carey Rewards Club Terms & Conditions, Reward Points value and accrual rates, or levels of Reward Points required for any or all rewards, at any time. These changes may include revising the procedures and rules for the value and accrual of Reward Points, reward redemption, or limiting the period for which Reward Points are valid.

Reward Points are only awarded for reservations of Carey® or Embarque® Branded Services booked through and websites, or the Carey Mobile Application. Telephone, fax, and GDS reservations are not eligible for Reward Points.

The Carey Rewards Club was established to reward Members using certain of Carey International’s approved digital booking channels only. Accordingly, reservations that are not booked online through an approved digital booking channel, including those prevented because of any technical error or booking hold (“call for availability” message), are not eligible to receive Carey Reward Points.

Cancelled or changed reservations that are required to be re-booked via telephone are also not eligible for Reward Points.

Reward Points are awarded on a scaled system based upon the Base Rate (BR)* of the trip booked. Members earn points proportionate to the Base Rate of their completed booking.

Reward Points expire one calendar year from the date they are issued. Reward Points that are not redeemed within one year of issuance will expire and will no longer be eligible for redemption.

Carey Rewards Club Members will receive monthly e-mail communications that allow Members to check their Reward Point balance, view account history, and receive opportunities to earn bonus points by participating in surveys, contests, and promotions.

Carey Rewards Club accounts will become deactivated if there are no online bookings associated with a Member's account for one calendar year measured from the date of the Member's last online booking. If an account becomes deactivated, all unredeemed Reward Points will be removed and the membership account balance will be reduced to zero. This will only deactivate that Member's Carey Rewards Club account and will not affect ability to book reservations through and websites, or the Carey Mobile Application.

Members can view the Carey Rewards Club Catalog and redeem Reward Points online through, or via telephone through the Carey Rewards Club Redemption Center. For help with merchandise or Reward Redemptions, call 877-690-2080. Our Redemption Specialists will be more than happy to assist Members with questions or requests.  For questions about Reward Point, please contact

Merchandise and travel rewards can only be redeemed with Reward Points. Cash may not be substituted for Reward Points and Reward Points have no cash value. The number of Reward Points used to redeem merchandise or travel rewards must be sufficient for that particular reward at the time the Member submits his or her request for redemption.

Please note that a Carey Rewards Club Membership is personally awarded to, and owned by, the individual member regardless of any affiliation and/or employment channel introduction method, similar to airline or hotel loyalty programs.  Accordingly, if a Carey Rewards Club Member changes companies, affiliations or roles that Member’s points are attached to the individual Member’s Carey or Embarque profile and will stay associated with that individually established profile unless indicated otherwise by the Member.

Carey International respects the individual privacy of Carey Rewards Club Members and will not divulge any Member’s private transaction information to any third party, including their employer, without the Member’s express written consent or a valid order from a law enforcement agency or court/tribunal.

Carey Reward Club Member’s may share or transfer Reward Points with other Carey Reward Club Members but must submit a written request for each instance of transfer.

If the Carey Rewards Club program is discontinued, Members will have 90 days from the date of notification to redeem any Reward Points. The Carey Rewards Club may be discontinued at any time in the sole discretion of Carey.

Employees of Carey International, Inc., or any of its subsidiary companies, Franchises, Alliance Partners, Independent Operators and affiliate companies of Carey International, Inc. are not eligible to participate in the Carey Rewards Program, or any other contest, promotion, or loyalty program of Carey International, Inc.

Carey Reward Points may not be combined with or earned in conjunction with any Carey loyalty program. Members may not combine, sell, or barter with Reward Points.

Reward Points, rewards, special offers, contests, promotions, surveys, and Carey Rewards Club benefits and services are subject to applicable regulations and are void where prohibited by law.

Certain terms and conditions, rules, policies and procedures apply and may be changed in Carey's discretion at any time.

**Effective August 1, 2018, Carey International discontinued offering the Carey Rewards Club loyalty program to customers with a billing address located in the province of Ontario, Canada.

** Base Rates are the rate charged for chauffeured vehicle services and do not include taxes (state and/or local sales, use, or other taxes), tips/gratuities, tolls, surcharges (including fuel and/or surface transportation charges), incidental expenses, in-vehicle amenities, cell phone use, parking costs, and/or airport related fees.