It was recently announced that after more than a decade of participating in Unlimited Rewards, Carey International has withdrawn its services from the program.  Because of our withdrawal from the program, Unlimited Rewards Members will not receive credit for Carey and Embarque reservations for the months of January, February, March and April 2020.

While it is true that Unlimited Rewards participants will not be receiving Dollar Awards uploaded to their Unlimited Rewards debit card for their Carey and Embarque bookings, it doesn’t mean that Carey International will leave you stranded without the rewards you deserve.  By accessing the trip data associated with your Unlimited Rewards Membership number, Carey International will compensate you for your Carey and Embarque trips through The New Carey Rewards Club Loyalty Program we will be launching later this year. 

We will award you the cash equivalent of Carey Reward Points for all of your qualifying Carey and Embarque bookings from January 2020 through the end of 2020.  While we cannot reveal specific details at this time, we do think you will enjoy the new Carey Rewards Club as we are planning some major upgrades and significant changes to accommodate the specific needs and booking habits of travel industry professionals. Even while the new Carey Rewards Club is under construction, you will continue to earn Carey Reward Points at the same value as Unlimited Rewards for all of your Carey, Embarque, and Carey Meetings & Events bookings through any reservation channel.

We will send you regular updates as we approach the launch date of the new Carey Rewards Club letting you know more about our fabulous new loyalty program and what you will need to redeem the points you have earned.  We have also included an FAQ to answer any questions you may have. 

Please also note the Unlimited Rewards Program is managed by a third party therefore members must contact the dedicated program administrators for support.  Carey's global customer engagement center does not provide support for either the Carey Rewards Club or the Unlimited Rewards Program.  Please direct all questions to 

Thank you for your continued partnership and patronage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Carey Rewards Club Program

The Carey Rewards Club™ is a company-sponsored loyalty program available in the United States and Canada (excluding the province of Ontario) for users of Carey’s travel management website; The Carey Rewards Club awards travel arrangers with Reward Points they earn and accrue on a per trip basis, not unlike an airline’s frequent flyer program. Reward Points are awarded according to a Point Matrix based on booking Carey Branded Service reservations through  Reward Points can be redeemed for a wide range of offerings from high-end travel services, top-brand merchandise, and merchant gift cards—providing travel arrangers with the freedom and flexibility to choose the rewards they really wantThe Carey Rewards Club is open to travel arrangers, executive administrators, travel agents, and anyone else who books Carey Branded Service, for others, through*.

Why is the Carey Reward Club currently closed

The Carey Rewards Club is currently closed to make technology enhancements, update the Reward Catalog, and completely re-engineer the point system.  We are also modifying earning and redemption rules to optimize its accessibility to travel industry professionals.

When will the Carey Reward Club re-open?

We do not currently have a timetable as to the reopening of the Carey Rewards website and loyalty program.  We are still assessing the scope of technical work that needs to be done  However, while it is shuttered, member points will not be expired for any reason and will continue to earn points for all Carey Bookings.

When will The Unlimited Rewards Program Re-Open?

Carey international no longer participates in the Unlimited Rewards Program.  Please contact the program administrator or visit their website for updates and more information and updates.

Will Carey or Embarque be Part of the Unlimited Rewards Program when it reopens?

Carey international no longer participates in the Unlimited Rewards Program and will not be a part of the program when it reopens.

Who do I contact to assure my Unlimited Rewards points have been recorded or check my Unlimited Rewards balance?

Unlimited Rewards Members may contact and one of our support team will respond within 5-10 business days.  (We are experiencing longer than anticipated response times due to staffing reductions caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.)

How much credit will I get for each trip with Carey Rewards?

For the converted Unlimited Rewards Credit covering activity between January 01, 2020 and April 30, 2020, as well as any booking during the transition period, you will earn $1.00 worth of Carey Rewards Points for every trip you book.  Those credits will be applied to your profile and become available to you once the new Carey Rewards Club program launches.

Are there any booking restrictions?

For Unlimited Rewards Members, there will be no booking restrictions for the earning of Carey Rewards Points.  UR members will earn Carey Rewards Points at the rate of $1.00 per trip, booked through any channel through the opening of the New Carey Rewards Club loyalty program.

Do my points expire over time?

Carey Rewards Points will not expire while the program is being updated. Once the new Carey Rewards Cub is launched, there will be a new set of rules that will govern the earning and expiration of points.