Carey Ground Transportation Management Services provides more than just vehicles and chauffeurs.  It is 360-degree transportation management with specialist-driven departments of highly trained experts catering to the high-touch logistics management requirements associated with the most complex travel programs. Each expert department features skill sets and operating procedures specifically designed to address the unique logistical challenges and unique needs of specialized transportation programs.  Carey offers specialized Ground Transportation Management Services in Meetings & Events, Road Shows and Private Aviation.

Meetings & Event Services

An exclusive Carey innovation, our Meetings & Events services are designed to meet your every need, including specialized services for managing logistics associated with group transportation and complex itineraries.  Carey features a designated team of group transportation specialists and on-site coordinators that manage every aspect of your event.  Click here to learn more.      

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Road Show Services

A Road Show is a transportation program consisting of complex itineraries with multiple stops and frequent schedule changes and adjustments. Road Show programs require immediate changes, last minute addition or subtraction of vehicles, and meticulous route planning to meet tight deadlines. To learn more visit

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Private Aviation Ground Transport

Carey is meticulously focused on the global private aviation market, servicing more than 1500 private airfields and assigning our clients their own professional Private Aviation transportation specialists with backgrounds in the aviation industry. Additionally, we utilize the most effective cutting-edge flight tracking technology available in order to produce real-time flight information updates and communication to ensure services are prompt, precise, and reliable. To learn more visit

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